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Working for you, protecting your industry and investment.

The South Australian Oyster Growers Association (SAOGA) seeks to ensure:

  • A sustainable oyster farming industry in South Australia;
  • Minimum environmental impact from oyster farming;
  • Equitable access to new farming opportunities and
  • A secure and certain business environment for current and future investors in oyster farming.
  • SAOGA supports and represents SA oyster growers at a regional, State and national level.


SAOGA was established in 1989, by a group of Eyre Peninsula oyster farmers who saw a growing need to take a collaborative approach towards the management of oyster farming in South Australia. Today SAOGA, represents over 80% of all oyster licence holders in South Australia.

Code of Practice

SAOGA has been pro-active in developing a Code of Practice (COP) which aims to ensure all SAOGA members adopt the highest professional standards. The COP covers all aspects of shellfish culture including harvesting, product handling and transportation. Its methods and recommendations either comply with current legislation or are designed to supplement Acts or Regulations that may apply.

Food Health

SAOGA has developed a Government approved, 3rd party audited, HACCP based program, to meet regulated food safety requirements.

Occupational Health & Safety

SAOGA has developed an Occupational Health and Safety program to meet regulated occupational health safety requirements.

SAOGA Executive Committee

The committee comprises an elected President, one or two representatives from each ‘Bay’ across the State and an Executive Officer. The committee meets approximately 4 times a year and when required, addressing member’s issues. An Annual General Meeting is usually held in August when Executive Committee positions are re-elected.

SAOGA provides representation for growers on issues such as:

  • Environmental Management
  • South Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (SASQAP) & Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program(ASQAP)
  • State Laws & Regulations
  • Best Practice Farm Management
  • Public Relations
  • Site Rehabilitation Scheme (SAOGA holds monies in Trust for members who contribute to the scheme, which then meets relevant licence
  • Policy Development
  • Compliance
  • Transport SA
  • Cost Recovery (fee setting)
  • Licence Tenure & Conditions
  • Lease Tenure
  • Marketing / Product Promotion
  • Research & Development via SAORC
  • Food Health Act & Regulations
  • Native Title

SAOGA produces a bi-annual newsletter and regular email updates containing important information for growers. These communications ensures all growers are aware and up-to-date with industry based issues and initiatives.

SAOGA holds an annual Seminar at various Bays across the State which provides a forum for communication between all levels and aspects of the industry.

Membership Fees: $650.00 per year falling due 31st October each year.

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